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Biography franck gribling


Born somewhere in space and time , leaving traces behind .He must be kind of an artist

The artist as a young dog

Born in the memorable year 1933 ,on the southern hemisphere , in Surabya , Indonesia .During 1942-1945 imprisoned in Japanese camps .Migration to the Netherlands in 1946 .
Started painting in 1948 . Painting lessons by Stien Eelsingh in Staphorst .Admiration for the abstract-surrealist painter Piet Ouborg . Stimulated by the expressionist artist Jan Wiegers , and the abstract painter Willy Boers . Meetings with Karel Appel and Theo Wolvecamp , who started afterwards the Cobra movement in the autumn of 1949 .Gribling developped a related primitive style , using the material qualities of paint. A choice of works from this period (1948-1952)is collected in the Museum of Schiedam .

The fifties

Settled in 1952 in Amsterdam ,spending also some time in Paris .
NEW MATERIALISM : ACTION PAINTING and INFORMAL ART (1954 1960). First solo-exhibition in the beginning of 1955,showing lyrical abstractions amd kalligraphic drawings . In contact with artists working in the same direction as Bram Bogart , Armando and Henk Peeters, founder of the "INFORMELE GROEP" in the Netherlands .
Study of Art History with Professor J.Q.van Regteren Altena at Amsterdam University . Writing 1958-1960 art-reviews for the weekly HAAGSE POST , in a team with Armando and Simon Vinkenoog .

The sixties

Member of the LIGA NIEUW BEELDEN , a meetingpoint of progressive architects and artists(1960-1965)
1960-1964 : Experiments with new and uncommon materials , polyester e.a. in painting .Show of "TACTILES" in Gallery 845 (1962)."Realist Manifesto" (1962) ,presented in Galery "LSD 25" , Amsterdam , in collaboration with the poët Simon Vinkenoog and the artists Rik van Bentum and Theo Niermeyer
Growing interest in banality and mass-culture . Manifesto: "PROPOSITIONS FOR A APROPORTIONAL ART " (1964), and exhibition in Rotterdam at galery "Het Venster" : "Desorientation and adaptation to new space-concepts " (1965), shown in Galery Orez, The Hague. First visits to New York (1965)
1964- 1967 : curator Museum Kröller-Müller , Otterlo .Organizing several exhibitions : e.a "TOWARDS A NEW ABSTRACTION" (1966) and writing for the Art Magazine "HET MUSEUM JOURNAAL " Contributions to the Art Magazine "DE KRONIEK VAN KUNST EN KULTUUR".
1964-1970 : Minimal Contructivism. Represented by Galery Swart in Amsterdam .Publication of the portfolio "Four space-volumes" (1966). First exhibition in the "Stedelijk Museum" in Amsterdam : ATELIER IV , 1966 .
1967-1969 : working in New York .Isometric spacevolumes on plexiglass(1966-68). Back in the Netherlands:Light and space-traps(1969-1970) ;Spacereflectors(1972),shown at Galery Swart .

The seventies

1970-1987:assistent professor,Art History Department,University of Amsterdam , lecturing on modern art and organizing exhibitions with students.(e.a. kinetic artists from the Soviet Union; Zero on sea;Informal Art)
Coördinator Dutch section of the Paris Biënnale in 1972(Interventions)
1973-1979:involved in "DE APPEL",centre for Performance Art , founded by Wies Smals .Participating in the manifestation "WORKS AND WORDS" .Growing interest in the context of art .
Initiator of the Foundation CITY THOUGHTS and several collective projects :ART FOR THE MILLIONS(1979-1981) followed in the eighties by "DE KIJK VAN DE KUNSTENAAR"("The point of view of the artist"),(1984-1986) and "ETANT DONNEES"(1987-1988)

The eighties

1984-88: several contributions to projects of MAKKOM , Art-space in Amsterdam: e.a. HOLOS.
1984 : back to large scale painting , using acrylic in combination with unusual materials as epoxy etc. Represented by the Biederberg Galery in Amsterdam . Series of "FRAME SHAPES" .

The nineties

1991: a big retrospective was organised in the "STEDELIJK MUSEUM"in Amsterdam(At a slight angle to the universe")
1992:new studios in Antwerp and the south of France. Series of works in traditional oil painting : "Genderbender babys" ; "POST-PORNO ABSTRACTIONS" ( exhibition in the Enzo Agostini gallery in London , with publication .)
Curator of several exhibitions in ARTI , Amsterdam : e.a. "Beyond Performance";" More then Zero"
Editor and regular contributor of DE NIEUWE (publikaties),a dutch art magazine .

The new millennium

Towards a new space-age classicism.
2006 : Minimal line paintings : SENSUAL ABSTRACTIONS , exhibited in "De Branderij",Antwerp and ARTI , Amsterdam . Publication SENSUAL ABSTRACTION (introduction by Saskia Monshouwer)

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